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Course I teaches the foundational principles & techniques of esoteric anatomy used to perceive, assess & treat the chakras, endocrine glands, organs & body systems in ways that promote physical & spiritual balance.  We will study how thoughts and emotions affect – and are affected by – the energy field and learn energy treatments that promote psychological & spiritual balance.  

In Course I, you will learn:
  • How to perceive and sense the energy field & the seven energy centers (chakras)
  • How to assess the energy field & the chakras for disruptions & imbalances and ways to restore balance & homeostasis
  • Basic physical anatomy & the corresponding esoteric anatomy
  • The energetic relationship between physical and esoteric anatomy
  • The chakra system & how chakras "inform" us 
  • The physical, emotional, and mental aspects of each chakra
  • Specific Esoteric Healing treatment protocols for each chakra system
  • Ageless Wisdom spiritual healing principles
  • Ways to develop intuition
  • The practice of meditation, mindfulness, and intention
  • Learn a treatment protocol that you can begin using now to treat yourself, loved ones, and pets

Course I:
Course II:
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Course IV:
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Course Description
Schedule & Registration
Course II builds upon the essentials of Course I as you are introduced to the nervous system, immune system and psychological aspects of the chakras in ways that promote physical, psychological & spiritual balance.  In essence, you will learn psychoneuroimmunology of the energy field.  

In Course II, you will:
  • Review the essentials of Course I and deepen your understanding of esoteric anatomy, the chakras, the endocrine system and internal organ systems
  • Learn the psychological aspects of the chakras
  • Be introduced to the importance of the nervous system and its role in creating energetic homeostasis
  • Learn ways to quiet an overly active nervous system
  • Be introduced to the importance of the immune system and learn ways to energetically support immune function
  • Learn the Science of Breath
  • Be introduced to The Seven Rays (qualities of energy)
  • Learn what is meant by Initiation
  • Learn the Science of Kundalini
  • Learn why emotional healing is critical as we engage in spiritual healing 
  • Learn specific treatment methods that encompass Course I and Course II teachings
Course III will expand our horizons and move us from the personal to the transpersonal, from the seen to the unseen, from the proximal to the distant and from the earth to the cosmos.   

In Course III, we will weave practical experiences with Meditation and the study of the Ageless Wisdom Spiritual Laws as you will:
  • Build on the foundation of subtle (esoteric) energy healing in new and expansive ways
  • Add to your practical work in significant ways
  • Develop an understanding of Cosmology
  • Learn what DK meant by the reappearance of the Christ, The Plan and Spiritual Hierarchy
  • Be introduced to Esoteric Astrology (insight into your soul's plan)
  • Deepen your understanding of aligning with the Soul as we do this work
  • Delve deeper into the Seven Rays
  • Explore the spiritual aspects of Birth, Life, and Death
  • Study the spiritual significance of the Eyes
  • Be introduced to the Sutratma and healing
  • Understand the principles of building the Antahkarana

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Course I: Introduction to Esoteric Healing
Course II: Integrated Living
Course IV:  Synthesis
Course III:  A Cosmic Perspective
All material learned in Courses I, II, and III will be integrated and expanded upon in new ways as you learn to deepen the application of Esoteric Healing into a powerful form of energy healing.  We will:
  • Study Esoteric Psychology and the right Use of the Will
  • Deepen our meditation
  • Broaden and deepen the work at a personal level that enables you to see beyond the personality and connect with the Soul of those you encounter
  • Integrate the energetic components of the Nervous System, Alta Major Center, Vagus Nerve, Immune System, and Homeostasis
  • Discuss the diseases of the disciples and mystics
  • Further explore the links between the Chakras and Subtle Bodies
  • Learn to identify the energetic qualities of our subtle bodies through the Seven Rays
  • Learn about the Esoteric Aspects of our Senses
  • Understand the importance of Dissipating Glamour
  • Understand how the right use of energy broadens our awareness
  • Synthesize the Ageless Wisdom teachings learned thus far
  • Learn how to become part of the change for good in these challenging times
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