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Psychotherapy offers a safe place for you to voice your concerns and be heard without fear of being judged, abandoned, or criticized. During the course of confidential discussion, themes and patterns that contribute to your distress may emerge. You’ll be given an opportunity to explore your feelings and perceptions and to discover what limiting beliefs or patterns might stand in your way of well-being.

Psychotherapy consists of methods that are intended to help you become aware of and reintegrate aspects of yourself that split off and lay hidden due to trauma, fear, shame, guilt, heartache and the like. Psychotherapy allows you to breathe new life into your soul and increase your sense of well-being as you rediscover who you are in a more complete sense (you once knew it – it’s just that you forgot when parts of yourself went underground).

Perhaps you already are aware of your emotional struggles and the dynamics that are at play in your life, but need help resolving emotional reactivity, habitual tensions and defenses. Or perhaps you feel painfully broken open from life’s experiences. Maybe you want to learn new coping strategies to decrease stress, heal old wounds, develop new life skills, or find new meaning and purpose in your life. 
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The word psychotherapy is derived from the Ancient Greek word ‘psyche’ which means breath, spirit, soul, and ‘therapia’ which means healing.
“What we do not make conscious
emerges later as fate”
~Carl Jung
As such, the therapeutic relationship can become a sacred contract. In this context, psychotherapy results in the freedom of your soul to fully express itself. This freedom allows you to become who you are fully meant to be and do what you are intended to do with peace and joy in your heart.  

Suffering – whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or any combination thereof - can ultimately be a doorway to personal growth and transformation although it may not seem like it when pain feels so raw. The psychological process can become a sacred journey.
As a Licensed Psychologist, I am qualified to assess, diagnose and treat psychological disorders. The focus of my treatment includes anxiety disorders, post -traumatic stress disorder, depression, grief/loss, women’s issues & stress reduction.
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If you have any questions regarding my services and/or classes, please contact me directly through email at [email protected].