International Network for Energy Healing
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"Everything on earth is subject to the laws of evolution, 
And this is particularly true for the human soul."
~ Rudolph Steiner

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The INEH is a registered charity in England. Our orientation is non-sectarian, non-political,
and international. A minimum of four months (preferably six) is required between courses to allow for the practice and integration of healing methods.
The International Network for Energy Healing (INEH) teaches a practical, systematic method of healing within the energy field. The energy field (also known as the aura) is a matrix of vibrations - think “wireless” system - that surrounds and permeates the physical body as it vitalizes the body, emotions, mind, and spiritual aspirations of a person. Within our energy field are seven energy centers (chakras), each of which has corresponding energy links to the nervous system, endocrine glands and internal organs. With this method of healing, energy blocks (think "wireless connection interference") can be released which, in turn, helps to restore the natural flow of energy that had become disrupted for any variety of reasons. The unobstructed flow of energy within the vibrational matrix then helps the body/mind/spirit find its homeostasis or healing point. This can lead to better health and a better sense of well-being. Think of it as helping you go from a “low” to an “excellent” wireless connection. Yeah, it can feel that good! 

We make no claim to cure illness and diseases, but rather to facilitate the recuperative process through rebalancing a person’s energy field.  The true healer is the person’s own soul.  Although illness is sometimes cured, healing is a personal journey and can take different forms such as increased self-esteem, forgiveness of self or others, less emotional turmoil or perhaps understanding one’s higher purpose in life.  

Our work is based on a practical understanding of the subtle energy fields generated by the body’s chakra system.  This knowledge is set out in the philosophy of yoga and in the book Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey.  It is an ancient energy healing system that was introduced in 1953 by a Tibetan Monk, Djwhal Khul in collaboration with Alice Bailey.  Today, the INEH has seventy certified instructors teaching classes around the world and thousands of students are now offering this healing method worldwide.  

Esoteric Healing is a study of the evolution of consciousness. The evolution of one's soul is a process rather than a quick fix. Courses involve the study and practice of meditation, mindfulness, and intention as part of this process.

This system of energy healing works exclusively within the energy field and at variable distances from the body. No physical touching is involved. This makes it ideal for mental health practitioners to incorporate into their practices; although anyone who is open to learning energy healing can benefit from this course of study. You will learn protocols for treating yourself, your clients, your loved ones, and even your pets! You will also learn distance healing. Classes consist of instruction, individual and group practice and process, discussion and meditation.

  • Course I:    Introduction to Esoteric Healing
  • Course II:   Integrated Living
  • Course III:  A Cosmic Perspective
  • Course IV:  Synthesis
Courses are available upon request, please contact me directly. 
If you have any questions regarding my services and/or classes, please contact me directly through email at [email protected] or by phone at 517-347-4618.
If you have any questions regarding my services and/or classes, please contact me directly through email at [email protected] or by phone at 517-347-4618.