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If you miss a Level 1 Fundamentals class due to an unforeseen circumstance,
it will be your responsibility to make up all work and instruction.
Options will include watching a DVD of the four day missed classes (filmed in Phoenix) or attending another teacher's Fundamentals Class at another location. Every effort will be
made to work with you and support you through this process.

Email [email protected] or call 517-347-4618

If you do not receive a prompt reply, please call or email again to ensure you didn’t get lost in cyberspace!

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Classes meet quarterly over four 4-day weekends, and each class builds upon the previous class. Classes consist of lecture, hands-on practice, one-on-one supervision, group discussion, and question/answer sessions. Learning energy medicine fundamentals is open to both lay people and professionals. No prior experience is necessary. The Level 1 Fundamentals Classes teach skills for working with the body's energies that promote physical and emotional health and well-being.  In the process, core limiting patterns can be transformed.    
Level 1: Fundamentals Courses 2021 - 2022
East Lansing, MI
Study the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine in a small, supportive setting with Dr. Joanne Karpinen, one of Donna's Authorized teachers for the EEM Level 1 Fundamentals Classes. 

Students have said that Joanne is
"knowledgeable but modest," "caring and open," and "very organized and thorough."
Class 1:  June 10-13, 2021
Class 2:  August 26-29, 2021
Class 3:  November 11 – 14, 2021
Class 4:  January 27 – 30, 2022

Meeting Times for all 4 Classes are:
Thursday: Noon - 6:30pm
Friday: 9am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 9am - 6:30pm
Sunday: 9am - 2:30pm
NOTE: ALL CLASSES FOR 2021 - 2022 WILL BE HELD ONLINE DUE TO THE UNCERTAINTIES OF COVID. Ten hours of hands-on, in-person supervised practice will be scheduled in between classes for all four classes based on a date determined by class consensus.

Location:  East Lansing, MI (private residence - details upon registration)

Accommodations:  A list of nearby hotels will be available upon registration

Costs:  The tuition for Year One is $1095 per class. A $300 non-refundable deposit will need to be made at This deposit will be applied to the Class 4 payment. Tuition covers handouts, a comprehensive Workbook, meeting space, teaching staff, evaluations and feedback of written tests and demonstrations between classes, and ongoing evaluations and assistance to keep people moving forward in a competence-based learning model.

Class Materials:  All students must have the following before Class 1:
Integrating Eden Energy Medicine into one's self-care is Donna Eden's dream and passion.  People around the world have reported amazing results just by incorporating tools learned in the Foundations Classes. 

Conventional medicine at its foundation focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissues and organs. Energy Medicine focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissues and organs. Balanced energies can help create balanced bodies!

You will learn skills that you can immediately begin integrating into your professional health care practice or apply to family & friends. You will learn to assess and balance eight of the nine different energy systems used in EEM. You will learn how to develop a strong energy system for yourself as well as others and learn how to evolve the body's energy patterns in ways that promote health and vitality. Your body can learn to shift out of deeply embedded stress patterns. Eden Energy Medicine Foundations classes are empowering!

The EEM Foundations Classes will teach you the tools & techniques needed to unlock your body's natural healing power in ways that:
The Nine Energy Systems
Energy Medicine book 
Ethics Handbook for
Energy Healing Practitioners
REGISTER NOW USING THE GRAY BUTTON BELOW! You need to register before submitting payment for class. 

Class 1:  $1095
Class 2:  $1095
Class 3:  $1095
Class 4:  $795 ($1095 minus the $300 Deposit)

After successful completion of the Level 1: Fundamentals Classes, students receive a Certificate of Completion from Innersource.  The Fundamentals Program is a prerequisite to enrolling in Level 2: Certification Training held regionally in Chicago, Baltimore and Chandler, Arizona.   For more information, visit:
A complimentary copy of The Energies of Love DVD will be streamlined to you when you submit your class deposit to Innersource.​
Energies of Love DVD 
Eden Energy Medicine